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Starting A Business Is
I'll never forget the first time I googled "how to start a business." 

What I got back was a ton of fluff and most articles asked me to figure out my "why" and did I know how I planned on making money?

Essentially, the internet was answering my question with a question. Frustrating...

Where was the checklist? Where was the step-by-step here's how you do it? People start businesses every day, why was it so hard to find the answer? 

When my girlfriends started asking me how to actually START a business (aka: what paperwork they should fill out, what legal entity they should consider, etc.) I had no idea what to tell them. 
Even After Getting My MBA, 
I Still Didn't Know 
How To START A Business.
Here I was, getting this degree and realizing I wasn't learning this simple first step. Getting my MBA was a lovely experience, but when it came to practicality - it was useless.

When my friends were getting laid off (hello recession of 2009) and I kept getting the "how do I start a business?" question over and over, I knew I had to find the answer for them.

I started the research process for MONTHS to cobble together something clear and concise for them. How ridiculous! This isn't rocket science. I was beyond frustrated, as were my friends. 
So I Gave Them Wine
I decided to invite all of my friends over to my house one night, opened more bottles of wine than I care to admit, and started asking them questions: 

Where are you getting your information now? 

What's missing? 

What's confusing?

I had 15 of my friends in my living room, spilling out their frustrations about how to start a business. They knew what they wanted to do, what they were good at, how they could serve, they just simply didn't know HOW TO START. 

Sound familiar?
"Google and My Dad"
That's the answer I was getting back from my gorgeous, brilliant, totally rad friends. Unacceptable. 
I knew right then and there if just 15 of MY friends, who were crazy talented, super smart and amazingly resourceful couldn't figure this out - there had to be more women out there with the same frustrations. I was determined to fix this.
Stephanie Burns | Chic CEO | How To Start A Business
Stephanie Burns
I'm Stephanie, the founder of Chic CEO. My team and I have helped over 100,000 women from all over the world get the resources they need in order to start their businesses. 

I am committed to female entrepreneurship and relentless in finding you the information you need in order to set you on your entrepreneurial path. 

And, I'll tell you bad jokes.  
Let's Get Your Business Up And Running So You Can Do What You Were Meant To Do. 
3 Day Chic Start | How To Start A Business
The 3 Day Chic Start will show you step-by-step how to register your business, set up your LLC and get your EIN in 3 days. 
What's In The 3 Day Chic Start?
Apply For Your EIN | Chic CEO | How To Start A Business
Set Up Your LLC
Getting an LLC is the preferred entity for most small businesses. It's easy to set up, offers you protection and establishes your business with the gov.  

I'll walk you through the LLC process and when we're done - you'll be the owner of a brand spanking new Limited Liability Company with your Articles of Organization. Look at you!!
Apply For Your EIN
Your EIN is like your business' social security number. When you get an EIN, you will process all of your business transactions under this number, open up your bank accounts under this number and report your income under this number. 

It's pretty sweet. 
Operating Agreement | Chic CEO | How To Start A Business
Operating Agreement
Most LLCs prefer to have an Operating Agreement on file. Especially if you plan on having a partner. It outlines the shares allocated in the company, who is responsible for what and some of the intricacies of your business.

I'll walk you through how to create one and provide you with a sample template to get you started on creating your own.  
Don't forget the Bonuses!!!
Finisher's Bonus: Laser Strategy Session

If you complete the modules within 7 days of purchase, you and I will have a 30 minutes Laser Strategy Session where we'll jam out on your new business idea - or any challenges you may be experiencing. 

We'll get you unstuck and I promise I'll make you laugh. (This is by far my most favorite bonus. I love chatting with you!)
Stephanie Burns | Chic CEO | How To Start A Business
Organizational Spreadsheet

There is SO MUCH to keep track of when you are running your business. 

I'm sharing the exact Airtable Spreadsheet we use internally to keep track of the little details, logins, team members, social media accounts, links, etc. that need to be quickly accessible. 

Swipe it as your own, just fill in your details. 
Chic CEO Affirmations

Ever feel the "Imposter Syndrome" creeping in? We've all been there, friend. This audio track will soothe your mind and start to build your confidence. Listen while you are waiting for a meeting to start, pouring your first cup of coffee for the day, or right before bed. 

You really can do this. I very much believe in you. I hope you believe in you too. 
Chic CEO | How To Start A Business
The 3 Day Chic Start, along with the bonuses I'm giving you, are designed to get you up and running, organized, unstuck and in the best mindset to run your business.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you don't get out of the 3 Day Chic Start what you need to start your business, contact us at and we'll give you a full refund.
You Really Can Do This.
I'm so so so excited for you - starting a business is a wild ride! I'm here to be your business bestie, together we'll make sure this thing gets off the ground. 

• With the 3 Day Chic Start, your business will be fully registered and ready to rock.
• With the Laser Strategy Session, you and I will crush your current challenges.
• With the Airtable Spreadsheet, you'll get a peek into how we organize things over here at Chic CEO. 

• With the affirmations track, you'll squash those feelings of trepidation as you wade into the entrepreneurial waters. 

And if you don't, you have 30 days to get a refund.

Remember, I'm here to help you along the way, that's what Chic CEO was created for. 

xoxo, Stephanie Burns
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  • ​How To Register Your LLC ($397 Value)
  • ​How To Apply For Your EIN ($147 Value)
  • ​How To Create Your Operating Agreement ($97 Value)
  • How To Save For Your Taxes (Peace of mind... priceless)
  • ​Finisher's Bonus: 1/2 Hour Laser Strategy Session ($350 Value)
  • ​Airtable Spreadsheet: Internal Organization ($49 Value)
  • ​Entrepreneurial Affirmations Audio Track ($19 Value)
Total Value: $1,059
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